University of Indianapolis

Table of Contents


  1. Vision 2030

    Strategic plan developments across campus


    1. Health Pavilion

      A $30-million, 160,000-square-foot health pavilion will transform the east edge of campus at State and Hanna avenues while putting UIndy’s highly respected allied health programs—Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Athletic Training, Psychological Sciences, and Social Work—under one roof, facilitating multidisciplinary teaching, learning and research. A clinic operated by a health provider working in partnership with UIndy will serve the local community, give students clinical experiences, and facilitate research, particularly on the issue of health disparities among various populations. The research conducted by faculty, students and partners will inform discussion and policy-making locally, nationally and internationally.


      The new, four-story building will have the facilities and technological infrastructure to provide an incomparable experience for UIndy students. The UIndy Health Pavilion also will permit us to expand our high-demand undergraduate and graduate programs in the health-related disciplines, including the University’s new Master of Public Health degree program. Half of all UIndy students are enrolled in health programs, and the demand is still growing.


      The University’s College of Health Sciences will relocate from Martin Hall, its current home, opening up space for other academic programs to innovate and expand. For example, biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories will be extended and upgraded.


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    2. Krannert Memorial Library Renovation

      The 1970s-era Krannert Memorial Library will be renovated to create technology-rich group collaboration areas and social spaces, transforming it into a state-of-the-art academic hub for professional development, multidisciplinary study, and campus collaboration as well as an important community resource.


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    3. Campus Apartments Development

      Over a two-year period, UIndy will replace the Campus Apartments on Shelby Street to create attractive new housing options for students and enhance the visual appeal along the corridor at the west edge of campus.


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    4. Martin Hall/Lilly Hall Renovation

      The College of Health Sciences will relocate from Martin Hall, opening up space for other academic programs to innovate and expand. For example, biology, chemistry, and physics laboratories will be extended and upgraded.


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    5. Professional Edge Center

      UIndy’s Professional Edge Center, created in 2013, is developing opportunities for students to be mentored by UIndy alumni, connect to employers throughout their studies, and acquire critical social and business skills that will give them the experience, confidence and connections that are so important for success in launching a career.


      The Center is focusing on entrepreneurship and the seven industry sectors that are important to the Central Indiana economy, and in which UIndy has strong academic programs and expertise: the arts; education and social services; financial services; science and healthcare; manufacturing and logistics; communications and law; public service and nonprofit management. 


      Faculty, alumni, and industry contacts for each sector are creating targeted programming and career exposure experiences for students, as well as mentorships and internships, to help them develop professionally and make a seamless transition from classroom to career.


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    6. Lacrosse Field

      UIndy is becoming the first institution in the state to field NCAA Division II men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, growing its current roster of 21 men’s and women’s teams by adding one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. The lacrosse program is scheduled to start in the fall of 2015.


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