Boise State University Campus Map

Table of Contents


  1. Campus Safety Tour

    Tour the different programs that are in place to ensure safety and security on the Boise State Campus


    1. Boise State Public Safety 24/7 Communications Center

      Boise State University has a 24-hour Communications Center (208) 426-6911 serving Boise State Community. Our Dispatchers are trained professionals and are able to assist you with your request; our goal is to keep Boise State as one of the 2018 Safest College Campuses (#11).

      The communications Center is home to our Public Security Officers and Boise Police officers. There is always a security officer on campus available to assist you with Room Lockouts, Security Escorts, and Jump Starts, as well as responding to distress calls and assisting Boise Police on campus. In addition to security officers, Boise State has contracted with Boise Police to provide law enforcement officers that are dedicated to the Boise State Campus. Both security and police officers are available 24/7 and respond to all distress and emergency calls on the campus.


      The Boise State Department of Public Safety has two additional resources to maintain the safety of our campus community.  The first system is BroncoAlert, which is the Boise State University Emergency Notification System. The second system is the Rave Guardian App, which is the official Boise State University Safety App. This app allows you to talk to the communications center, set a safety Timer, and turn in anonymous tips.


      Call the Department of Public Safety Communications Center at (208)-426-6911 to report suspicious activities, vandalization, thefts, request Security Escorts, or request assistance anytime.


    2. Boise State Emergency Phone

      Boise State University has over 70 Emergency Phones located across campus. These are for the safety and security of the campus community. The black button calls the Public Safety 24/7 Communications Center (208) 426-6911, and the red button calls 9-1-1 Emergency. 

    3. Boise State Parking Garage Emergency Phones

      Safety is a top priority here at Boise State University, and it is our goal to make our students, faculty, and staff as safe as possible. To achieve this goal, we have Emergency Phones across the campus with roughly 35 of them located within Boise State Parking Structures.

      There is one located in every corner on every floor of the parking garages, and they allow you to contact Emergency 9-1-1 or the 24/7 Department of Public Safety Communications Center (208) 426-6911. In addition to that, the phones have a light that flashes ensuring that people in the area are notified and on alert.


    4. Boise State Dean of Students Office

      The Boise State Office of the Dean of Students plays a large role in campus safety. This office handles all of the student code of conduct violations and all of the functions that go along with that. The office also manages the Boise State CARE Team. CARE stands for Campus Assessment, Resource, and Education.  It is the purpose of the CARE Team to:


      • Help create a campus culture where the shared value of caring is upheld.
      • Review reports of concern about members of the Boise State University community including students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
      • Monitor and assess activity in the campus community to identify signs of potential threat as early as possible.
      • Educate the campus community on bystander intervention, bias incidents, crisis management, monitoring behavior, and threat assessment.
      • Serve as consultants to members of the Boise State University community to support them in monitoring and assessing behavior and building plans to manage it.
      • Maintain a database of historical reports of concern.
    5. Keep your Computer and Belongings Safe

      College can be stressful enough without having to worry about having your belongings stolen. When you are out in the Library or a different public place on campus, be sure to keep your belongings with you because if you leave them out (even if you are running to the bathroom and there is nobody around), they may be gone when you get back. If something is stolen, report it to the Public Safety 24/7 Communications Center at (208) 426-6911.


    6. Boise State Housing Safety

      Living in a new place can be stressful, and it is important to stay safe in any place you live. When in the Residence Halls, be sure to follow all of the Housing and Residence Life rules and regulations. Boise State also recommends that you familiarize yourself with the emergency exits and the Boise State CARE Team, and be sure to report anything suspicious to the Resident Assistants or the Resident Directors and if it is more severe contact the Public Safety 24/7 Communications Center at (208) 426-6911 or Emergency 9-1-1.

    7. Event Safety

      Events happen every day on the Boise State Campus, and safety is our number one priority. When attending events, please follow all of the posted rules and regulations. If you have any questions about event safety or see something suspicious, call the Public Safety 24/7 Communications Center at (208)-426-6911.


    8. Boise State Health Services

      Boise State Health Services is available to All Students, Faculty, and Staff at Boise State University. Health Services is your local on-campus doctor’s office and can treat anything from a scrape to your annual physical exam.

      Call today to schedule an appointment with them: 208-426-1459. If you have an emergency, Boise State suggests you go directly to a local Emergency Room. 


    9. Boise State Counseling Services

      Boise State Counseling Services is an important part of the campus community and ensuring that our students, faculty, and staff are healthy. Boise State counseling services is there to serve any mental health or counseling need you may have, and they offer walk up emergency triage, as well as appointments.

    10. Boise State Cycle Learning Center

      The Boise State Cycle Learning Center is the Boise State Bike Shop. Come here for all your bicycle needs from purchasing to tune-ups or taking one of our bike riding classes. Boise State University is a Bicycle-Friendly Campus.

      The number one crime at Boise State University is theft, which includes bike theft. To ensure that your bike is safe and secure, we recommend registering your bike with Boise Police, purchasing a U-LOCK for it, and parking it only on approved Boise State Bike Racks or in the Bike Storage Garages located within the parking garages on campus.


    11. Educational Access Center and Veteran Services

      The Educational Access Center provides accommodation in the classroom for any student needing assistance in order to complete their academic goals. Visit the EAC for assistive technologies, alternative formats and testing, sign-language interpreters, and other accommodations.

      The Veteran Services office provides information and procedures relevant to all education benefits provided through the Department of Veterans Affairs. They can help students make the transition from the military to university life and navigate any GI Bill VA educational benefits.

    12. Boise State Transit Center

      The Boise State Transit Center is the home for all parking and transportation questions. The Transit Center handles all the parking permits for the campus in addition to Jump Starts and Lockouts, as well as many other customer service programs. Boise State University also has shuttles for everyone to use. These shuttles are free to everyone, and you can find the shuttle locations on the Boise State Shuttle Tracker.
      (208) 426-7275

    13. Boise State Gender Equity Center

      The Gender Equity Center is a vital resource to the entire campus community. With services covering a range of topics and issue areas, the Gender Equity Center works as a catch-all to help everyone in the Boise State Community, including providing a safe space for discussing all aspects of student identity.

    14. Safe Nighttime Walking

      Boise State has a safe and well-lit campus, and it strives to ensure that it is safe to walk across campus at night. When walking at night, be sure to stay alert and walk in well-lit areas, such as the Quad. It is very easy to choose a safe path utilizing our Blue Light emergency phones; look for the solid blue beacon.


      You may also use the RAVE Guardian App to set a safety timer or request a security escort from the campus public safety team. Call our Department of Public Safety 24/7 Communications Center at (208) 426-6911 to report suspicious activity.